Bio1 Systems PhysioCap: Clinical Data Capture and Documentation

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PhysioCap is a data capture / inventory management platform designed to provide semi-automated input to medical logistics and patient documentation (electronic healthcare record) systems. An artificial intelligence / machine learning automatic object detection (AOD) algorithm is used to detect the type and quantity of items used during medical procedures. Due to the complexity of current medical documentation practices, the PhysioCap platform addresses current EHR limitations, commencing from initial point-of-contact and patient triage, through the continuity of care – for both military and civilian scenarios.

Target Markets:

Military Training and Operations

  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care
  • 200k military personnel in combat training and deployed per year

EMS and Disaster Operations

  • 1.0M+ First Responders providing front-line care
  • Patient tagging and tracking in mass casualty incidents and routine care

Hospital Communication and Patient Transfers

  • Clinician-to-clinician communication
  • Patient hand-offs/transfers within hospitals and between care facilities (640 Mil per year)