Maj. James A. Lockhart (US Army, Ret.)
Technical and Military Advisor
is a technical and military advisor for Bio1 Systems. Mr. Lockhart served in the US Army as a communications center specialist before being commissioned as an infantry second lieutenant in 1967. He served one year in the Vietnam War as an infantry platoon leader and company commander. His second Vietnam tour of 18 months was as a Special Forces commander and staff officer. Upon retiring from the Army after 20 years of service, Mr. Lockhart worked for AT&T as a technical consultant, and in the AT&T indirect channel as a technical support manager. Subsequently, he worked for seventeen years as a University Associate Dean and Professor in Telecommunications/Networking and Computer Information Systems departments. He is a contributor to the Military Officers Association of America magazine and the Military Writers Society of America anthology.

Fred Saia
Technical and Business Advisor
Fred Saia is a technical and business advisor for Bio1 Systems. Mr. Saia has over 40 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur in ventures spanning education, construction, and service sectors. He is currently an associate with the University of Buffalo’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, where he advises and mentors start-up technology and service companies on business development.